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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!

Resistance Bands with Ankle Straps Cuff

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Our Resistance Bands with Ankle Straps Cuff are built to build your booty and develop the peach look every girl wants. Whether you doing kickbacks, lunges, or donkey kicks, you can maximize your results by using our product.


  • Highest Level of Resistance: Our ankle straps are designed with the highest level of resistance. The blue cable has 45 lbs of resistance, Green has 50 lbs of resistance, and black has 55 lbs of resistance. Our cable ankle straps with get you results.
  • Quality Design: Designed with a strong hook and loop material that keeps the strap tight to your ankle and a double D-ring to secure cables, our ankle cable straps will last.
  • Versatile: Detach the included tube band and attach your ankle bands to any cable machine. Our ankle bands are versatile, lightweight, and comfortable allowing you to get a great workout at home, or in the gym. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Anabel Wolff

Love ❤️ this product. It is just what I needed.

Jerome Koch

The product is super simple to set up, just install the door anchor, clip in and get going. Love it!

Antwon Bins

I am always in the gym, yet since the pandemic I had to stay indoors. I purchased this product because I wanted to still work out at home and still keep my body toned. Upon purchasing this product and using it for a month I really enjoyed how easy the product was and how the product held up. This is a must have.

Shanna Fadel


Magdalen Jacobs

Love it!