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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!

Portable Folding Mini Stepper

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The Portable Folding Mini Stepper is more interesting, mainly exercises the ankle and body balance ability, allows to exercise in an unbalanced state, stimulates the muscles and nerves, and improves the ability of the body.


  • Professional Balance Training: The stepper can provide professional balance training and soothing muscle massage. It will help people to develop core strength, enhance proprioception and knee stability, and also have the effect of foot acupuncture massage.
  • Comfortable and Non-Slip: Large bump massage particles are comfortable and non-slip, and the massage non-slip effect is upgraded. High-intensity message on the front with round bumps can enhance the body's perception when in contact, and a low-intensity massage on the back with small bumps can make people relax.
  • Exercise Your Body: The stepper can exercise the abdominal muscles, back muscles, calf muscles. Push-ups can strengthen the core, stably enhance body and upper limb strength, enhance balance and develop control in the waist and pelvic area, and squat can exercise the legs, waist and buttocks.
  • Exercise Anytime Anywhere: With the stepper, you can do aerobic exercise anytime, anywhere, not affected by the weather, not restricted by the venue, not limited by time.

Customer Reviews

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Cortez Spencer

This product is very good.

Marcella Wehner

It gets the job done. Highly recommended.

Rhoda Schroeder

I really enjoy the quality of this. The item's description explains everything. You get exactly what you see. The product performs impressively!

Avery Medhurst

Cool thing!