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Body Building Push Up Board

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Strength training helps to build up the bones, muscles, and all other supporting tissues in your body. Using this push-up board will help to improve your posture and keep you in better alignment throughout the day. Upgraded design also comes with a set of resistance bands that lets you target additional muscle areas making it suitable for use as home fitness for men and women


  • COLOR-CODED PUSHUP SYSTEM: Various colors identify which muscle groups are targeted. That enables up to 18 workouts of different muscle groups. Your chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back, while engaging your total core. They are ideal for upper body muscle training.
  • MULTIPURPOSE HOME GYM: Different workout levels for beginners to advance this multifunctional push-up board can easily be adjusted, to suit your own personal workout needs and goals. up for easy carry and storage when not in use. Lightweight exercises for men and women can be used at home, office or gym for building the ideal body fitness equipment. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, provide easy workout solutions to add to your routine.
  • WORKOUT BOARD LARGE & DURABLE: The push-up board is made of ABS Ductile plastic that with strong toughness. The resistance bands are made of natural latex that is durable and eco-friendly. Suitable for all body types and shoulder widths. Non-slip handles help reduce stress and strain on joints. The non-slip mat helps stabilize your body while you exercise.
  • MAXIMUM RESULT: Upgraded Push-up bars specifically designed to target different muscle groups (chest, shoulder, triceps, biceps, and back) while engaging your core. Scientifically proven to activate 30% to 50% more muscles. Detailed instructions are provided with professional training guidance for maximizing your full-body workout.

Customer Reviews

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Aletha Keeling

This board is great!

Marlen Bode

Was worry about quality until the product arrived it feels solid and include a work out program very happy with it.

Brett Homenick

Everything as described. Arrived on time.

Paula Kirlin

Quality is awesome.

Amya King

Really good thing. Good quality. I use it every day.