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Guess What!? We Offer FREE Shipping On ALL Orders!

Yoga Massage Foam Roller

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The Yoga Massage Foam Roller is lightweight and can easily be carried if you are going for a journey. This allows you to continue your therapy, even if you are away from home.


  • Durable Material: The foam rollers have been built with EPP. High Density so that they can help you break the stiffness in all your muscles. The foam rollers have been made in such a way that they can handle any adult weight that is placed on them as you try to break the stiffness that is causing your severe back pain. Secondly, the durable material is to ensure that the foam roller serves you for a long time to come.
  • Multi-usage: Aside from just self-myofascial treatment, foam rollers can also be used in yoga. Additionally, physical therapy and massage therapy are two other areas where these can be put to use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Hans Sipes

This thing is a back saver!

Robyn Greenholt

The goods came quickly, well packed.

Lyla Lang

Good and practical.

Eugenia O'Hara

I needed a product that would massage the back muscles around my spine. This "peanut" did it. It fit between the shoulder blades perfectly and was able to get some good cracks in my back. A lot cheaper than and massage therapist and chiropractor!

Carson Witting

Great product to use at home, priced well and its made of pretty decent foam.