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Fitness Aqua Water Bag

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Train harder than ever before with the Fitness Aqua Water Bag ! Achieve a well-rounded full body workout using the power of water when you equip yourself with this power bag. The dynamic resistance effects of the water-filled weight allows it to feel heavier than it actually is. Discover a new way to achieve your desired goals, whether you’re a newbie or experienced athlete. You can only fully grasp the challenging motion of the water once you feel it for yourself!


  • PORTABLE AND PRACTICAL: Was designed for people who are always ready for the next challenge and appreciate the ability to workout on the go. No need to worry about carrying heavy fitness equipment with you on your travels. This sandbag alternative is foldable and can fit in your backpack, luggage, or workout bag with ease. When you’re ready to work out, the Fitness Aqua Water Bag can be set up within minutes. Now, get ready to experience the challenge of water in motion!
  • ADJUSTABLE INTENSITY: Allows you to add any water-air ratio you want for a customized workout. As soon as you pick up the Fitness Aqua Water Bag , you will feel the entire weight of the water pulling, pushing, and sloshing back and forth encouraging you into a more challenging and performant exercise! Easy to set up and super-practical, this water training bag is a great solution to challenge yourself to train your muscles and improve balance at the same time!
  • QUALITY DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Allows you to do a wide variety of exercises with comfort and confidence, featuring quality double welded PVC along with strong, durable soft feel handles, for comfortable training and countless workouts. Constructed in transparent blue for both style and visibility that allows you to see exactly when the water reaches your desired level. The Fitness Aqua Water Bag is a premium accessory designed for everyone, regardless of fitness level.

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Camron Greenholt

Product came on time and in good condition. I'm satisfied. Thank you.

Bradley Nader

Thank you.

Kyle Luettgen

Highly recommended.

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Idella Hintz

I'm quite satisfied. Recommended.