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Stainless Steel Vacuum Shaker Bottle

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Stainless Steel Vacuum Shaker Bottle is very suitable for protein shakes and fitness exercises. It can also be used as a coffee, milk or juice blending cup, which is very suitable for gym fitness and exercise and gifts for friends and family.


  • Stainless Steel Material: stainless steel metal body, anti-fouling matte surface, excellent texture makes it easier to use. (Due to the thermal conductivity of metal, please pay attention to whether the beverage is too hot or too cold. It is recommended that the water temperature be lower than 140 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Leak-proof flip cover: The leak-proof silicone and striped metal ring on the cap have good air-tightness, are easy to carry when going out, is easy to snap, is non-slip, and snap with a flexible handle.
  • 1L large capacity: Generally, the small capacity of 500ML is used in the market, and it is impossible to fill more water at a time. Since its volume is 1 L, it saves more time for adding water. Because hydrating will waste a lot of time. It is convenient to add water at once.
  • With ball: The protein powder cup should be shaken well before drinking. Otherwise, nutrients will not be completely absorbed into the body. And it’s hard to digest. Prepare a stainless steel mixing cup and mix the protein powder and water thoroughly. Faster and more convenient. No longer carry complex mixing tools.

Customer Reviews

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Kurtis Streich

This is the shaker I was looking for. It's perfect.

Percy Lemke

I needed a shaker bottle that would work for both hot and cold drinks when I travel. Who wants to take up space with two bottles? This works perfectly! Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold!

Herbert Haag

I'm very satisfied with my purchase!

Mikayla Morissette


Otha Lesch

The product is excellent, fully corresponds to the description. Thank you seller!